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Women's Collegiate lacrosse now includes Florida Southern, St. Leo, Rollins, Florida Southern, UF and Jacksonville.  Men's teams include Florida Southern, Rollins, St. Leo's and Jacksonville.   New additions in 2013 include Stetson, UNF and FGCU.

High School programs have accelerated rapidly since 2005 growing girl's teams from 40 to currently over 135 teams and boy's teams from 50 to 175 programs.




There are 12 players per team on the women's field of play.  The modern game does not refer to past terminology such as first-third home, cover point, etc... and follows the terminology found in other sports with terms such as attack, midfield and defense. 

There are four defense players (two low defense and two high defense), three midfielders, four attack players (two high, two low); and a goalie.  High and low refer to the position of the players when behind the restraining line. Some teams make one defender and one attacker, a "defensive wing" or "attacking wing". The theory behind this is that the wing player would act as a sort of midfielder. In reality all four defense and attack players must stay behind the restraining line, so no midfield for them. Although the position of wings in some cases refers to the player who would cross the restraining line should a midfielder not be able to.




Positions defined


Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) is the governing body of lacrosse worldwide. The organization brings men's and women's international lacrosse under one umbrella, allowing the volunteer-run organization to more efficiently use its resources to help develop the game worldwide.

In the spotlight.  Cardinal Gibbon's Sarah Motta selected as the 2010 Sun-Sentinel Lacrosse Player of the year; and US Lacrosse Academic All-American. 


There are 4 positions

10 Players from each team play at one time making a total of 20 players on the field

Goalie-One goalie on field at a time. most teams have 2 goalies one as a back-up

Defense-3 defenders help to protect the goalie and wield a 6 foot shaft. Guard opposing attackmen.

Midfield-3 people on field at one time. midfielders can traverse to both sides of the field. Alot of running is required. Most teams have more Midfielders then the other positions as it is very tiring to play.

Attack- 3 people on field at time. Stay on opposing side of field where they can get in close to the goalies usually played by people with excellent shooting, dodging, and cradling (stickhandling) skills.






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